Bruno Luiz da Silva

Getting ideas out of scratch

So, who am I?

As you already may know, my name is Bruno Luiz da Silva. I am graduated in electrical engineering but I have interests in many other fields, such as design, programming and business. With this mixed knowledge, I am able to have new ideas and perceive the world differently.

I love design and I understand its importance for the user experience in a project. I am really passionate with web development (back and frontend), mainly because it is easier and faster to build software using web technologies and this enables me to develop my own projects and startups (check Deliverama and Neoviz projects). Recently, what I mostly worked with was embedded systems, but now I am shifting my focus to back-end development (NodeJS, AWS, micro-services and so on).

In this page, you can check what I have been working on lately (some projects are available on my Github). If you are convinced that we, together, can get your idea out of the scratch, contact me and let's make it happen.

Cheers ;)

Embedded Systems

Protocol Gateway
28x MODBUS Master

Web Projects

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Let's talk?

So, you liked my work and want to get in touch? No problem! Contact me at or, if you prefer, send an e-mail through the form below.